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ArtAbility Online Zoom Art Therapy Workshops

ADEC run a series of free art workshops throughout the year. The purpose of these workshops is to assist our artists to develop and enhance their creative skills and express their emotions and aspirations through art, working towards pieces for our annual exhibition. We are always seeking individuals to take part in such workshops run by our qualified Art Therapists.

Due to the COVID19 Pandemic, we have had to change the way our workshops are run for our 2020 exhibition. We now have weekly online art therapy zoom sessions each Friday at 1pm to inspire you to stay connected and create art from home.

For further information, please contact Sharyn on: (03) 9480 7000 or email: [email protected] 

Zentangles... Our first ArtAbility Funky Friday Art Group session on Zoom was a wonderful way to spend an hour on a Friday afternoon with our artists. 

We worked on Zentangles one week and then made them into Zendala's in the following session

So impressed with the work from two of our artists! WOW!

Nature in Watercolour… Before our zoom art class, we each went on an adventure to find leaves (or flowers) in our gardens or out in the park.

When looking for leaves, gather leaves in nature that inspire you, look for different shapes and colours. Collect as little or as many leaves as you like. Then we got painting using the leaf or flower as inspiration!

Materials Needed: grey lead pencil, watercolour paper (find this at Kmart or $2 shop), watercolour paint or watercolour pencils, paintbrushes and a

water jar

If you do not have watercolour paint or paper just grab what is easy for you. Any kind of paper and colour pencils or crayons will work as well. 

Our zoom art class above was so much fun! We made cardboard portraits inspired by Pablo Picasso.

This is the Material List:

A black marker, Craft Glue, Scissors, Cardboard (anything recycled is fine), Brushes, Paint, paper towel or old rag, paper

Let your imagination go and have fun with it!

Well done to all our artists!