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An example and one of the many highlights in 2014 was ADEC’s ArtAbility® program collaborating with Carers Victoria to develop a series of workshops held over 8 weeks in Footscray and Flemington and attended by 30 individual participants ranging in age from 7 years old to 60. Carers and care recipients from the Vietnamese Australian community organisation, the African Australian community centre and the Turkish carers’ group attended the workshops. The ARTCAR resulted for collaboration between artist participants and facilitators in these workshops.

Participants from all nationalities were involved in the workshops which were trauma-informed and culturally sensitive. Artists shared their stories through art to celebrate their culturally rich histories. The workshops provided an opportunity for the artists to experiment creatively and enjoy the process of art making while challenging their own assumptions about their creative capacity.

The ArtAbility
® workshops also initiated stronger links between service providers in the North and the West for ADEC clients. This positive collaboration generated a space for participants to develop the artistic skills to ‘transition’ from a position of marginalisation. Having an identity as an artist allows participants to transcend (even momentarily) the stigma associated with disability and mental illness.

Looking forward, ADEC’s ArtAbility® aims to continue to build on this Transitional Space and grow a strong sense of connectedness in community for our clients.

Any enquiries regarding sponsorship, contact ArtAbility® Coordinator Tara Patwardhan Kalra  on (03) 9480 1666 

ADEC's ArtAbility® art car is going to be at the Australian Motoring Festival:

When: Thursday, 26th - Sunday, 29th of March 2015
Where: Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Road, Ascot Vale VIC 3032
Time: Thursday - Saturday 10am - 8pm
        : Sunday 10am - 6pm

ArtAbility® Exhibition 2014:

Celebrating 10 Years
ArtAbility® is an inspiring visual arts program run by ADEC that unites a range of talented artists of all ages, from a variety of cultures who are living with a disability.
ArtAbility® is a yearlong project made up of regular art workshops. The workshops are structured to provide opportunities for creativity, while also addressing psychosocial rehabilitation and skill building. It is also important to mention that all art groups are facilitated in a trauma informed and culturally sensitive manner and that workshops will be facilitated by the project coordinators, art therapists and professional artists. Workshops will also be developed to foster creative flow and will include drawing and using as inspiration found objects, multimedia and new technologies, photography and collage. Participants will meet at the end of each workshop to share and discuss their artworks, to receive feedback, compliments and suggestions and to determine work plans for their creations.

Transitional Spaces

Now in its 10th year, the ArtAbility® program is made up of art workshops that run all year and culminate into an end of year exhibition at Federation Square in December. ArtAbility® showcases multiple artworks from over 100 artists of all ages who are living with a disability or an experience of mental ill health and who come from culturally diverse backgrounds across Victoria. 

ArtAbility® provides the contributors the chance to be seen as “Artists” by their peers, families and the community in general while promoting a message of ability rather than disability, strength in diversity and personal empowerment through engagement with the broader community.

Via the ArtAbility® program and exhibition, we look to provide a platform on which these artists can express their culturally rich personal journeys to some 40,000 members of the general public.
Over 100 artists exhibit up to 200 works of art free from judgment of any disability they may have. This exhibition also provides the artist a platform on which they may have a louder voice in the greater community of Victoria.

You can become involved in ArtAbility®, either as an artist, volunteer or as a sponsor by contacting the Artistic and General Coordinator, on 9480 1666 or via email:

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